SXSW 2018

Day three of SXSW 2018 & St. Patrick’s Day

On day three we went to the Dogwood and ran into standing room only. The place was packed and by the time we made it downtown everyone had a head start on drinking.

No worries right? On to day drinking! We ran into Babs again (from day two) and she is now promoting Funky Batz. I don’t know much about their bio but their sound was killing it. I would have them on my play list to get the party energy started. They had my fat Irish ass dancing.

Then there was the guy with a sex doll on his back….which …. I guess is his back up in case he doesn’t score?!?!

There was a short little scuffle shortly after. Some guy was beating on his girlfriend and I was not down with that. Making a long story short, I got her a cab and he went to time out. After handing that event I was not in the party mood so the girls (my group) went on to party at Cheer Up Charles. I went solo for a bit and met up with some friends in south Austin to vent and calm down a bit.

Downtown pissed and venting about how the day went. Out of the corner of my eye I catch the site of this beautiful but absolutely sauced lady walking circles in the street. I try to get ear-shot and find out that it feels weird walking? What? huh?

As she is walking off I notice that she has shoes on each foot but only one sock on. Saying that again, both shoes but only one sock…..which I find 5 feet away…..or 30 depending how many circles you make.


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