SXSW 2018

Day Two of SXSW 2018

We did a venue change from Hotel Vegas to St. Elmo’s Brewing Company. I was excited since I am more of a small crowd guy. They had one very overwhelmed food truck (45 minutes for chicken wings) and several vendors ranging from Google Fiber to earth hammocks to solar panels to crystal healing and, of course, BEER!

If you were at St. Elmo’s, I was the guy “sword-fighting” with my order id flag from the food truck. I think the food guys were a little annoyed at my antics but I see it a different way. I entertained several hangry people by going straight out thunder dome right in front of the food truck. If you can imagine a very en prompt to sword fight mosh pit…I don’t think they knew what to expect but they did seem to move a little faster. I suspect it had a little element of “Black Sails” and were afraid we would come-aboard and loot the bread-battered booty from the treasure hold of the ship. AARRRRR Matey!

At the venue we met this sweet lady called Babs [Barbara] who is the promoter for a band called Graveltooth, more on her later. We stayed for their set, mostly cause I was inhaling my chicken wings at this point. My girlfriend really enjoyed their music and at one point she grabbed one of their LED robes and danced in front of the stage, Yes that was her. I’ll post a video of it if she gives me the thumbs up.

Since this was St. Elmo’s Brewing Company we got to sample so many good brews! Yum! If you get a chance, go ahead and stop by and grab a pint now that the S

WXW crowd has died down.


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