Austin bombings

Wow…ok, first what a crazy ordeal! A young man took it upon himself to learn, create, and place bombs across the central Texas area. And as the questions arise from the vacuum of drama with the active part of the event being over. The question of “why” is now popping up. Why did this young man do all this?

Up until now I haven’t heard the race motive from the local news and trust me it was all the talk for the last three weeks. For the duration of the event we were told about the location and the victims name but never their race. Now some make a valid point that the two black individuals had bombs placed on their door step while the white victims seemed randomized, so yeah perhaps. It was also brought up that the black neighborhoods may have seemed easier targets, who knows?.

What does seem to be surfacing is that this young man was troubled. I hear he isolated himself from society at a whole. Also he was unemployed and never finished his community college degree. Maybe over whelmed by life and perhaps not knowing that he could get emotional/behavioral assistance, the bomber took the lives of two very beautiful people and hurt several others. He also left behind a string of secondary victims, the family’s of the deceased.

My heart aches for the parents of the bomber. Two nightmares of any parent came true this week. First, losing your child is something that any parent ultimately fears! The second, learning that your child killed someone else. Truly terrifying and the family of the bomber is the final set of victims.

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