Two wheels

Is anyone else out of shape? I find myself sucking in my stomach A LOT. I shouldn’t have to do that, right!? I think I am the heaviest I have ever been and I can tell it is getting in the way of things. Putting on socks, walking to the mailbox, even sex (sssshhhhhh). Things need to change and it start today! … well yesterday….but today damn it and don’t judge me.

I started biking to work, well mostly. We have light rail in central Texas and so I biked to the train station. My goals here are 1) Save money 2) Get healthy 3) Lose weight; on that last goal I would really love to have my six pack back. Baby steps! I would be happy with having flexibility, lower blood pressure, and seeing my toes again…..maybe other things. :p

I wanted to make a smart start so yesterday my girlfriend took me half way to the train station in the morning. I spent a total of 1 hour and 13 minutes biking to and then from work. How many calories is that? Better be a bunch cause I was a soggy mess on the train. I think someone asked me if I was having a heart attack. Felt like I should be having one and I could see the judgement from the skinny people on the train. Honestly there probably wasn’t but in my head there was. Damn them all for not-really-thinking-that-but-in-my-head-they-are. Bastages!

Today I am doing the full Monty, I am talking full frontal male nudity. No, kidding, jesus!

No, I started from our house and made the FULL trip to the station this morning. Check back here later today for a report. I’m doing it! Yuuuusssss!

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