Buying a new old bike

   Ugh! Time to buy a bike again. I always get so overwhelmed with buying anything new. I always want to buy everything at once in some vain attempt to show that I know I am doing. Let’s be clear… I don’t.

   I don’t know what all the bike parts are or the add-ons. Heck I was calling it the handle bar covers until some 9 year old at the store told me it was called “grips”. #Facepalm

   We know I don’t have a clue about bikes but I do know a deal when I see one. I figure the bike market is split into two markets. Knuckle draggers like me and the Lance Armstrong’s out there. I don’t need a $1,200 bike. What I need is a $50 bike and how did I decide $50…. that’s all I had. But seriously on the resell market most stuff loses 2/3 of it’s ticket value. So there you go! Now I have a bike…. with brakes and everything. 🙂

I know it’s a boring post but to all you bike newbies out there, let’s talk!


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