On the topic of losing … Part Four

   So here I am in my thirties and recreating my career for the third time. Do I finish nursing school? Do I return to programming? Become a project/program manager once more or even freelance? Return to operations?

   Or … do I need to even pick a third career? I see and hear that more and more people are not setting into a defined role. Instead, “they” hobble several income streams together. Indeed it requires more management but also offers economic flexibility and autonomy.

   I ask myself these questions for a reason. My final big life lesson came from Fire/EMS, what you do for a job almost doesn’t matter. For the first time I was able to take a peak under the covers of society and see people for what they were. I learned, and this happens quite a bit, that people start off on their path and just keep moving forward and often blindly. Rich or poor, a question of “how did I get here” or “how did it get this far”. I am no exception, mind you.

   So many people place up a facade and that’s only what you see. I’ve walked into houses that would floor you in beauty. When I found my patient I would discover a deeply depressed individual. Or I would talk to another and be told that it was everyone else that was screwing them over. What I saw was often the misery and sadness of people that thought they “made it” only to discover they “missed it”…. just like I had done.

   I sit writing again and determine to make my life anew again. In addition to a profession I need to subscribe to the proverbial “Smell the roses”. I need to check off those “Wouldn’t be nice to learn ” or the “I need to do just us much fun stuff as work stuff”.

   For me it’s writing, playing the guitar, and painting for starts. Expect me to post on this a lot and I’ve been asked to make videos in the part, which I might do but I am still mulling that over.

   But yeah…….that’s it! Kind of what I have been dealing with in a short little nut shell.




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