On the topic of losing … Part Three

   So there I am in life … sucking at it. I built a successful career and I let it slip away. I ignored the human factor in life, ignored my inner voice, and blamed others for my failures. I was lashing out and not reflecting in. Like.A.Big.Dumb.Idiot!

   Since my entire industry was moving out of the country during the 2008 recession I decided to change careers. I became a Fire Fighter/Paramedic! For those of you in the field you know how hard this is and the dedication it takes to even finish school. Getting onto a department is a stroke of luck in-and-of-itself. Then the second big lesson that came with the injury…. boom! I can no longer move my upper body. The pain is unbearable and the medical care almost criminal, which FYI – don’t get injured as a public servant in the State of Texas.

   I spent years trying to rehab, almost all on my own with research from the web. I did well and can mostly move with full range of motion. The pain is still there and I am still weak on one side but I did it almost by myself. *Patting self on the back #SoPunny*

   I then began acquiring knowledge and taking whatever job I could. I worked my way back up the pay scale ladder, yet again. I am not totally there yet but … what was my second big life lesson?

   My lesson here was that no matter what I can rebuild. No matter what I can push my chest off the dirt, place my knee under myself, and raise my body and soul up. I can lift my head and dust off my chest. I may not like it right away but I can stand. I can stand tall and start walking forward, again. I can do that over and over. I can “never quit”!

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