Wednesday……eff’ing Wednesday

Oye! Three twelve hour shift in a row is a bit brutal! Plus add in the fire shifts I been pulling!

I spent all of yesterday running to emergency rooms. The ER nurses and I theorize that the sun flares from last weekend have turn everyone a bit Daffy. Hangings, old people falling over, people running into bulldozers, and a string of elderly heat strokes.

My last patient was a real peach of a lady. She had dementia pretty bad but she was absolutely adorable. She keep talking about how I need to study for my arithmetic test coming up so I can grow up to be smart. She talked about random things that just made you realize how much this little old lady experienced. Like an encyclopedia of Americana.

Then she looked over at me and said “I’m going to fucking kill you” got wide eyed and started a sick evil laugh. I spent the rest of the trip in the little window hole between the cab and the patient box curled into a ball with a bottle of alcohol and a lighter stretched out in front of me.

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