Not long ago…

Not long ago I would have been sitting in a 5′ x 5′ grey prison cell with two LCD monitors, A small super computer by my knees, and 20 people asking me questions on how to do something better, cheaper, and fast. All the while making big bucks for someone else while getting paid 1/3 of the market average of what I did.

I would look out the window and watch ….. well just watch. Planes, clouds, birds, people, cars and such. There I was… stuck! From 6am to 4 something. Then go home to connect into work via the laptop and work some more. I was laid off from that job.

Today I sat on the tarmac and watched a jet land just 100′ from me. The jet was there to meet with … ME! I loaded the patient from the jet to MY stretcher and into MY ambulance and off to my destination.

I wonder if anyone watches me from their office window?

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