Typical Thursday

“What is my typical day” a reader once asked…which to be perfectly honest was really just me talking to myself. I don’t really have typical days. One day might be dead silent! I will sleep all day or play video games or what not. Other days can just be balls to the walls crazy. No stopping, no lunch, just whatever I can grab from the ER “medic” room (a small room where the hospital gives us free food and drinks).

I thought it might be best to describe what I did today to give you an average idea on what I do on an ambulance. Remember that today was an average day.

Morning: I worked a roll over wreck. The patient managed to roll his/her vehicle several time before parking it upside down. We did a “Load and go” *means we check out the patient very quickly, load the patient into the ambulance, and start treating on the way there. 90% of what we do is “stay and play” which is the opposite.*

Morning and afternoon: Ate breakfast, went to Starbucks, played Soduku for several hours, took a nap.

Afternoon: Ran a psych patient from methadone clinic to the E.R because he/she developed a pretty gnarly infection in his/her private regions that was putting the patient into risk of sepsis shock.

Afternoon: Death of a cancer patient, at home, with his/her family about (including the little girls). It was the posters of “Mom/Dad you can beat this” that made me break down in the ambulance after the call was over.

Late after noon: Took some old fella to the hospital for an emergency CAT scan. I don’t know, whatever. I just drove and ate ice cream in the medic room while my partner did the paper work.

Now, here I am, drinking a beer at 2330 and blogging.

OH! Finished Torchwood (The TV series on BBC). Yes, its good. Sad I watched it all already. I did read that they are going to make a season four of it! Hizaah!

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