Butt its a martini

Today is freaking exhausting! I am preparing for my EMT-B class, most fire fighters are also first responders. I am cramming in all my tests that I should have done a month ago.

Cheers to procrastination!

My mind is numb and for the first time in months I am hitting the hard liqueur. Wait, wait…I should preface that by saying I took a shower a few minutes ago. Its summer, my home office is at the corner of the house that gets the most sun light. Goes to figure, I feel like a greased up ass hole at rodeo night.

So yeah, there I am with a towel wrapped around me walking into the kitchen.

“Four parts gin, two parts vermouth, one part olive juice, add some ice….and shake”

3..2..1..exposure! I managed to catch the towel before more than my martini was shaking in the kitchen. However my son managed to get a view of my rear

“Oh gross! I could have done with out that!”

I was a little stunned. He is growing up so fast and his sense of sarcasm is maturing so fast…..that little son of a bitch.

Bright side: I won’t care in about ten minutes

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