My other truck is a …

I have the pleasure of driving my little convertible. I also have a truck for hauling. These long and uncluttered country roads are great for taking the top down and just having some “me” time. And of course, being in the country, a truck is a must.

However, the third vehicle I drive is big, red, shiny, and makes lots of g-d damn noise. Yup, my other truck is a fire truck!

I visited the department of public [not] safety a few weeks ago and took my written exam in about ten minutes. PASSED with a 100%. You don’t get anything special for that…maybe bragging rights but in the face of everything else I am learning or have to learn its pretty darn insignificant.

A month later my asst. chief pushed my ass into the tanker and took me back for my driving. I got to say, I really like my asst. chief. I got to talk to him more than I usually get to do. He spent the ENTIRE time talking about tanker safety and how to pass the test the first time.

A hour later and the inspector hands me my results (which is against policy I later find out). I passed with flying colors. I am all snithz and wiggles and have a big silly grin for my NEW class B licsense photo.

So if you ever see some Texas boy driving a fire engine with a big grin on his face then that’s probablly me.

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