Horrible Day


It’s 104, my car is sitting in some super hot ass parking lot, people are looking at me and I am hungry. Why might you ask? A quick errand. natch!

My printer ran out of ink and I need to run by a government office to get my immunization records. On my way out my wife asks if I can get her meds from the clinic. Ok, be back in an hour….tops.

five hours later its boiling ass hot and my car is over heating. I am having to let my car cool down for half and hour before I can drive. I can get maybe a mile before I have to pull over and let my car cool down. But I do manage to get to a parts store.

One thermostat later and an hour cool down and I am at a mechanic shop. All I need is for him to drain my radiator and let me (or him) put in the new thermostat.

clack…..clack….clack… ok sir, that will be $98 for labor.

No. The words I had for him were not nice. I can summarize by saying that centered around him being a crook and a dirty bastard for taking advantage of someone else’s emergency. Well…and that I can rent a car dolly for 1/3 of that price, take it home, and actually do a good job as apposed to what he wanted to do.

[Oh, by the way, he had a “labor breakdown” sheet right behind him. One hours work is $8.91]

I’mmmmmmm fairly certain we will never be friends. And I think one lady followed me out the door and when somewhere else for her state inspection. And for you readers, it was a Meinakie shop.

Flash forward two hours and my wife is at the U-Haul place with the truck.

For a day that was suppose to be a quick errand I ended up shelling out way more money then I should have. Have got a super swell sun burn. AND have a nice bit of auto work to do tomorrow.

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