Sum dude

Odd things happen at night. Usually its the meth heads OD’ing and we have to cart them off to the county freezer while their “friends” have an acute emotional attack. Proceeded by complete denial when L.E.O starts asking them questions. Now I totally see where Law Dog and A.D. get their “Some Dude” statement.

LEO: So your friend just died of an OD of methamphetamine. Care to tell me why you have meth.

Suspect: Naw naw, Off-sa. Itant my mephem….merth…met…meth!

LEO: This is your house, its on your table, you reek of it, your breath reeks of it, and your showing all the signs of being under the influence.

Suspect: Naw naw, tats justb a cawntact high.

LEO: Your friend just died from it. Sure you don’t want to come clean?

Suspect: Tant mine, I dawnt know tat bitch. She tust showed up and sarted usen! I hate tat bitch, shes ta one tat broke up with me. Iant never been cheaten!

LEO: k, wtf, but ok. put your hands behind your head and face the wall

And you can figure out what happens when a 60 pound hill billy runs out the door right into the 250 pound sheriff that is just arriving. Then attending to said hillbilly who is now covered with 13 day old body grease, dirt, sweat, and blood is not my ideal call…….at 3:30 in the morning.

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