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Policy is working nicely

[POST for Friday, February 13, 2009 posted on Tuesday, Feb. 17th]

I recently wrote how I will not train with the female gender in the level one class at my Krav Maga Studio. In Wednesday class I deliberately picked a male level one student. This student, I feel, is determined enough to learn correctly and shows aptitude for learning.

We went slow so no one got hurt and he likes the style in which I train in. In the past he has sought me out since I am able give him 1 on 1 instruction that is constantly validated from the licensed instructors.

But I still feel a little empty since I look at all the women in the class and see “high risk” above their heads. Not a single one of them know this but what can I do? I’ll get past it but discriminating because of race, gender, and such just doesn’t sit well with me. If I can’t get past it then I just might seek another studio.

Meh…then again I just still might be all emo about this. What do you guys think?

2 thoughts on “Policy is working nicely”

  1. Old post I know, but yeah, I’m with Moni on this, I’m sure there’s all kinds of disclaimers and waivers that get signed when you go into Krav as it’s one of the more dangerous martial arts even in practice. OTOH, yeah, your Sensei is probably now seeing you as somewhat of a liability because you’ve been “reported”. If you’re gonna stay there, stay away from the level ones and the chicks. If you get asked why you’re not partnering up with L1s or chicks ref them to the studio manager, make his ass own up. That or get into an awesome Chuck Norris kung-fu showdown and take over the studio old school style!


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