Krav Maga

More Krav Maga drama

[POST for Thursday, February 12, 2009 posted on Tuesday, Feb. 17th]

In my last post I wrote about an event at my Krav Maga studio that I felt all sides failed on. Regardless of who is right and wrong I still strongly believe in the message of that studio, self-defense and secondarily the self-defense for woman against [or past victims] rape and domestic abuse.

I know I played part in a scenario in which two woman felt unsafe learning Krav Maga. Regardless of my part or portion of blame, I am part of that scenario and I felt it was my obligation to express my apologizes to these two woman.

I did so and they were happy to accept it.

The owner has still not apologized to me

The assisant instructor has not apologized to me. In fact the A.I. is trying to go back to our jovial relationship.

I also get the sense that I am being watched closer than the rest of the students preparting for this belt test.

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