Krav Maga, Warhammer

Valentines Day challenged

[POST for Saturday, February 14, 2009 posted on Tuesday, Feb. 17th]


I stayed up waaaaaaaay to late (about 3am) playing Warhammer with my video game friends. I missed Krav Maga class, which normally would upset me, but because of recent events I am not really upset about. Meh, moving on.

I screwed Valentines up! For some reason I was under the impression that it was not a big deal. Maybe that’s a guy thing or something but I was wrong, totally wrong. Nothing says shame like being one of the twenty guys in the card isle at the grocery store on Valentines day. I would like to note there were 15 women as well so its not totally a gender thing.

For our valentines dinner we went to the ever classy Chili’s. We came home and watched 12 monkeys and went to bed before 10pm like old people do.

BTW, 12 monkey’s was a terrible movie. I remember it being better but g-d was it awful. So there you go….I am Valentines Day challenged.

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