Krav Maga

Taking it on the chin

As a premise, I am training for my orange belt (aka level two test). I attend level one/two class as I work towards perfecting my level one techniques as I also become proficient at my level two techniques. Last Wednesday my training partner for the night and I teamed up with two ladies for a 2 vs 1 drill.

I decided to go first on the drill. Keep in mind that both attackers are holding a big kick shield(one of the ladies is standing off to the side since we have an odd number) .I made a side kick to the lady on my right and turned to drive my knee in the other attacker (my training partner). I then looked over my shoulder and saw the other attacker approaching so I delivered a back kick. I then drove two knee strikes into my training partner and performed an awesome leg sweep. I looked behind me and noticed that both of the ladies were on the group. At that point I stopped and helped the ladies to their feet and we switched out potions. That is how it is suppose to work.

However, the assistant instructor [A.I.]for our level one class that night walked up laughing and tells me to only use level one techniques. I explained that the Main Instructor for our class told us to “use what we know” but I can tone it down to just level one techniques. [A.I.] responded by saying “Yeah, just use level one” and walked off laughing. The rest of the evening was uneventful.

Fast Forward to last night, almost a week later. I get called into the owners office. He proceeds to tell me that I didn’t just screw up but I “f*%ked up big time”. He tells me that the ladies got hurt, are scared, and explained that I lost control and was a wild man. I was characterized as the same type of abusive husband that one of the ladies had. Then he chews me out and claims I’ll never be able to pass my belt test if I can’t get in control of my skills.

I was stunned….I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I have been specifically approach time and time again, for over a year, by woman, specifically cause I treat them equally. Not once have I had a problem with anyone male or female with my control….for over a year. Yet there I was being accused of going into a level one class and trying to show off and trying to be a “bad ass”.

First off, I need to state that I am not blaming the women in this event. I know we train a lot of abused and formally abused women in the studio I go to. Its one of the things that make me proud to be a student there. I have trained a great deal of women. However, the two in question are what I call “going at their own pace”. They’ve been at the studio for a loooong time and have yet to progress to level two. All totally fine, some people progress at a pace that they are comfortable with. When speaking from a technical position they are not ready to train with level two students. I would even hesitate to let them train with level one students as they can sometimes hurt someone on accident. What makes it worse is that level one students trip, lose balance, etc and can put themselves in harms way. Being that I am working to become and instructor that should have clicked in my head. I should have recognized that and opted for another group or sit out. Hindsight right?

Now I am frustrated with the owner for not even asking me what happened. I feel that I was inaccurately characterized. I feel that word got back to him somehow (he says they came to him) and he got emotional and made a quick decision to chew me out rather than talk to me. I feel that he went with one persons point of view and used that to categorize me. In just two minutes time I went from being one of the top level two students to the black sheep.

My prospects of becoming an instructor at that studio are pretty much shot. The only course I can see for myself is seeking another studio and petition them to instruct there.

Now the person I am furious with is the Assistant Instructor (A.I.) that witness the event. The A.I. watched the entire event and came up laughing. The A.I. told me to only use level one techniques (remember its a level one/level two class). The A.I. was informed that the expectations were set to level one AND level two. The A.I. heard what I had to say and got my commitment to use level one. The A.I. walked off laughing. Yet the A.I. transferred the blame on to me stating that the A.I. was pissed at what I did and it was all my fault! Really??!?! Oh really…then why didn’t the A.I. split us up if I was a “maniac”? Why didn’t the A.I. chew me out during or after class? Why did the A.I. walk off laughing is the A.I. was pissed. The A.I. excuse for what happened is bullshit ladies and gentlemen and I apologize for the language.

At this point I will not train with ANYONE I feel is not proficient enough in Krav Maga to train safely. That includes a few of the level two students! not less then 30 minutes after I got chew out one of the ladies (level two students) kick me in the groin cause she lost her temper (I have a cup, its ok). Further more, it is now clear to me that I will be judged on the past history of the female students. I only know of any past abuse if a student tells me. As such any level one female student runs a high risk of ending my chances to train at that studio. My new policy is going to have to be not to train with level one student females.

Unfortunatly it is a sexist policy but I am left with no other options other than to leave the studio which I don’t want to do. Its a really sad period in my Krav Maga career. One of the things I loved to do was to train the ladies in self defense. I can’t do that anymore….

I am still debating if I should leave just that studio or what…. I know this for sure. I have a belt test coming up and nothing is getting in the way of that. After the test I’ll have to explore my options if I so choose.

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