The playhouse project

The playhouse project part three

[POST for Thursday, February 10, 2009 posted on Tuesday, Feb. 24th]

Not a big update. Been busy with training for my belt test. Finished the south facing wall and almost all the slouching is gone. I even tried to shake the playhouse and it is rock solid!

We also got it setup on a semi-permanent foundation. It help as it lets me work on the trim work without fighting for space. Not a huge update but here is a pic for you to ignore

OH! Almost forgot! We got the roof off. I decided that it is to far gone for repair. AND we spent waaaaaay too much money on the sheathing to justify buying high dollar wood singles. I have several packs of asphalt singles I got free from Craig’s list. So I am going to build the roof from plywood and those singles. Much cheaper and will make a stronger playhouse in the end.

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