The playhouse project

The playhouse project part two

[POST for Thursday, February 9, 2009 posted on Tuesday, Feb. 24th]

Two new pics for you.

Running slightly behind on this project as the boards I bought are super long and I cannot cut them on the miter saw with the limited space in the shed. I worked around it by putting the miter saw on the shed floor and sticking the sheets of wood outside the shed. It takes longer but gets the job done.

Ethan and I managed to get all the remaining wood off the playhouse (minus the roof) without damage to the remaining sub-structure. A major win since if it had been damaged it would require major rework. Basically taking the entire playhouse down and starting from scratch.

We got started on the back and immediately you can tell it provided a great deal of support. Some of the slouching I mentioned earlier started to ease up.

In addition we got this stain/paint in barn door red. I think it looks nice and the kids seem to like it.

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