Kickin’ backside again…sort of

[Post for Saturday, January30, 2009]

Bloggers note: I wrote this back in December. I pulled it out of the trash because I needed something for Saturday’s post….and I am trying to clean out my massive “in editing” bucket

Its been over a month….maybe two since I sprained my wrist. I sound like a bit of a drama queen but I really do think I fractured it, Regardless of what Dr. Kevorkian says! My wrist was healing fine and then about two weeks ago I went to sit down for a lunch. I braced myself to sit in the seat and I felt a small pop. It hurt right away and then ached for days. Sprained my arse….sprains don’t do that. And if they do then keep your mouth shut cause I don’t want to hear it.

Whatever….so I can’t stand it. My wrist feels good enough for Krav Maga again! If you’ve been around me these grueling weeks you would have heard me say that I am off my mark since I have been out of Krav for so long.

So…..I went to Tuesdays level 2 class and g-d did it feel good! I missed it so much and I think I was depressed there for about a month or so. I can tell when I am bummed because I just sit there and do nothing. Now….I am thinking about doing the dishes or thinking about doing laundry. Maybe after a few more classes I might actually pitch in….we’ll play it by ear.

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