Credit LESS

[Post for Sunday, February 2, 2009]

From the time I was a little ankle bitter until I met my ex-wife I understood that credit cards were a no-no. It was explained to me that if you wanted something you worked for the money and then bought it. If you wanted it right away then tough cookies, deal with it, and work better at getting the money you need for whatever you wanted.

The basic “delayed gratification” thing but you know…there is something to that. The right-wing bible bangers might be on to something, just one something, when it comes to credit. How often do you find yourself producing plastic on a simple “I’m just looking around” trip to the store? All to often I bet.

As the news so fondly reminds us, this nation is in red alert of financing. Not just the stuff you see with the government bailing CEO’s out. I also mean personal credit. Like the thing you have in your wallet or purse. Lines of credit in lieu of purchased goods. The “product-now/future paychecks” method of personal finance.

If you are like me…. and 98% of you are, then credit is eating your lunch and maybe your dinner to (perhaps your kids dinner as well).

Well, as of Friday, I am one credit card less! Yup careful spending and saving money for a “liberation fund” has paid off! Now its time to compound those monthly expense savings into the other credit cards!

EDIT: Yes, my ex had a very high standard of living and we had a very low standard of income. But she is some other dudes problem 😛

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