Fit to drink

[Post for Friday, January30, 2009>

A long time peeve of mine is the quality of water that we drink. We, as a 1st world country (whatever that is suppose to imply), do not see it fit to consume water with out adding chemicals. Chlorine is my big pet peeve with water, followed by Fluoride.

I know many people have this perception that our water is safe to drink. Really? Try going to another town in a different region. Notice how radically different the water is! Its simply because you are used to the water you use. You bath in it, you wash your clothes in it and your dishes. You pretty much consume it all the time. Its not different because you are used to it. So like I said, try water from somewhere else…notice how it smells funny? Or maybe it leaves pink rings in the crapper (like the water in Round Rock, TX). The water in my neck of the woods is so heavily chlorinated that we had to buy purifier/softener system for the whole house.

So really it comes down to what you consider what is “safe”. Unless you are one of these off-grid wackos that buy a purifier/softener system for the whole house. Oh I am not saying that you are going to have your teeth fall out and your eyes melt in your head. What I am saying is that some one tells you, usually the local government, that the water is “safe” for consumption. Being lulled into a false sense of security is fine with most people.

Odds are you are interested in your health but just never thought of water as part of it. Well, you did but in terms of quantity consumed…just not quality. If you want to see what kind of swill you are shooting down your throat then I offer a link to stimulate your senses: http://www.ewg.org/tapwater/yourwater/

Now I am not saying you are prone to get a water borne disease. Nor am I saying that you need to bath in bottled water. Nope, just start thinking about things your are told not to think about. Start asking questions…

By the way, I did a search on my provider and one of the health concerns listened in the report as cancer. Nothing major right? Safe to consume…….ppppffftttttt

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