R.I.P. little Wii

[Saturday’s post 1-17-2009]

As the title says….my Wii died. I don’t know what caused my Wii to kick the bucket…its done nothing other than sit there. No abuse that I can recall….nothing.

Anywho, Wii just started giving out a black screen [of death] and no audio. I replugged all the cables, tried different audio channels, heck I even tried different cables all together. Muerte

This really bummed son out…he had been waiting all week to play the Wii. And really bummed me out cause my high score is on that Wii (for bowling). I’m worried that when I take it back to Best Buy they won’t fix it but rather exchange it. That means my little Mii will die with the Wii. Mii bowling score will be lost.

Mii no likely likely

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