[Sunday’s post 1-18-2009]

Wii is still dead……moving on

Many of you will recall that I was playing a game called Eve. Oh who am I kidding…I bet most of you don’t even remember and maybe one of you when through the archives to actually check. Yeah, I was playing Eve online…..and you might recall I was trying to sell my character. Well its been sold and I made a cool $100 off of it. I’m going to fix the kids play fort which is in need of repairs.

Anyone, so I quit eve but picked up a game called Warhammer. My buddy Eric from down teh streen and past the big oak tree turned me on to it when I was visiting last. It basically a slash and hack game. Something that you can pick up or put down when ever you want….or so I thought. I’ve been having so much fun on it that I forget to put it down….sometime for several hours.

My wife was kind enough to buy me a new office chair. The previous officer chair had a blow out and she wanted me to game in comfort. Still…I think she is getting a little tired of my new gaming habit and has start to make little “suggestions”. Does this mean I have my own addiction? Wonder if I can go to rehab for this…some place in Hawaii would be nice.

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