Warriors for Innocence

I cannot express the importance I place on my children’s safety. I don’t mean the little cuts and bruises of being a care free child. No, I mean the safety of my children from the real life monsters of this world. Kid f&ckers for another term…

Now these little perverts are one of the few people on this Earth that set my hair on end and teeth snarled. I honestly don’t see how I could control myself in the presence of one of them. I would probably lose it and not feel guilty for what I would do. Mortal enemies would be the word for it.

ANYHOW! I found this excellent blog that is spreading around the Krav Maga community. Its a blog that helps track these scum, raises awareness, and provides literature on how to spot a child rapist. It has a lot more and I encourage you…..maybe even I’ll beg a little. Read the site

Oh…and a word to for you cowards. Know that people trained in hand to hand combat are looking for you.


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