Sofa King Retarded

Who wants to go see Tropical Thunder? I do but if I was Suzanne Shepherd, of the local Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas (DSACT), I would be up in arms.

Now what in flying cow crap does this have to do with anything? OH! I am so glad I asked myself! Retarded…..that’s the reason. non-retarded people said the word retarded and retarded people are mad that non-retarded people said retard because saying retarded is like…um…a form of social retardation and not considering the feelings of retarded people when non-retarded people say the word…”retarded”.

So now its retarded vs. non-retarded and what an awesome UFC fight that would be!

Now if I can have my little five seconds to talk about mean and nasty names. It’s like this folks. People can and will say some mean stuff. Really mean, mean enough to make you sad or even make you cry a little. See….people say this mean stuff to get you to feel bad about yourself. Why they say this mean stuff is anyones guess and it really doesn’t matter if little Johnny hates his mother and his father doesn’t love him anymore. What matters is that you let someone hurt you. You let your image of yourself become a weapon against you. And really, that truly is the problem.

Trying to prevent people from calling you names because it hurts you is avoiding the real problem. Be black, white, gay, straight, American, Mexican, normal, or retarded. What you are is who you are. It makes up who you are in your experiences and your journey to succeed in life no matter what hand you are dealt. You cannot let yourself be marginalized by someone that is, frankly, ignorant of who you are.

Humor is such a powerful, powerful weapon against intolerance and ignorance. When you can learn to laugh at yourself. When you can learn to laugh at the words of hate laden speech then the hurt stops. The words become void of the value they had. The words fall and you stand tall.

What this movie is about? Its about laughing. What the DSACT and Suzanne is about? I’m pretty sure is publicity. What is my motivation for my gratuitous and tasteless barrage of the word retarded? Simply to point out how retarded getting upset over a word is just so absolutely…..retarded

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