Hmmm…taste like elbow

We did breaks from a guillotine choke today in class. I’ve done them before when I was in the level one class. My Krav Maga center likes to mix level one and level two stuff into the level one class. So here its the level two class and I am practicing a move I have some experience in before.

So I show my training partner how to do it (remember we “technically” have not learned this yet). Whack to the groin, elbow to the face, break the lock, pivot, stand, base the arm on your shoulder, slide the attackers hand in two a wrist lock, and take the SoB down. Simple and I impress my training partner with my speed and accuracy.

Now he gets to practice!

I put him in the guillotine lock he whacks my cup and then *CRUNCH*

My ears are ringing and he stops for a split second. I say split second because if you pause when I am training with you then I WILL attack you and make you hurt a little.

My two rules are 1) always finish and 2) never apologize

Well, after my ego filled explanation on how to do this move I put my guillotine choke on and my instructor, who I think is aware of my progress is giving me a nod of approval and then…like a dumb ass…I bask in the glory and not pay attention what is going on. I paid for with with a solid elbow to my jaw.

I heard the crunch, then the ringing, then my head hurt a little, saw some spots……but I kept going like nothing happened. When my training partner finished the move he made it worse by asking if I was ok. So of course everyone wants to know and he is freaking telling everyone.

I did get a little lucky. Usually when someone gets hurt the instructor will stop the class and review the safety precautions for the 100th time. This time I think he knew that I know them and I was just a super idiot and I deserved to eat elbow. He didn’t call me out with a talk about shop safety.

Just a side thought….if you ever wondered how much force you need to take someone down with a good elbow to the jaw/chin……..its not much. Not much at all

1 thought on “Hmmm…taste like elbow”

  1. Awww hell…I ha dthe upper hand for a few years there. Now you have the ability to whoop ass again. Maybe we could just put our two little evil minds together and take over the planet?


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