Constitution Blog

I am adding a new blog to my blogroll list. Its called Constitution blog and it is written by a college of mine in the liberty movement by the name of Jon Roland. Now I typically jest that Jon Roland can put you to sleep. Yet, to be fair and frankly honest, he brings up clear and concise discussion about civil and criminal law in regards to the constitution all in the light of classical liberal philosophy.

For those of you Republicans that get hung up on the word liberal….its what Thomas Jefferson was before the word liberal was attached to socialism. Orwell warned you…..you failed to listen.

Further more Jon doesn’t people to sleep. So if you are reading this Jon then you have it in writing and you can shake your finger at me and remind me about the blog.

Please check out his blog, read as much as you can, comment frequently, and let him know how much of a snooze fest his blog is, but remember to thank him for teaching you about civics!


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