Shhhh, I’m hwunting wabbit

Nothing…..that is actually what I felt and heard when I ran over a rabbit leaving the house today. I thought that maybe a little bump like a low speed bump or something. Nope! nothing.

It was a quick death before all you PETA freaks skin me alive and wear me for a coat. The rabbit, for reasons unknown, decided to bolt across the street. I didn’t see him, and lets be fair, or her until it was too late. All the weight of my truck was brought down to his/her little rabbit head. It happened in less than a fraction of a second. The timing was, ironically, perfect for a quick bunny death. I don’t even think the Texas Death Row has a quicker and more humane method of death.

So this brings my road kill stats up to: Frog, squirrel, a bird (yes, for real), and now a rabbit.

No card carrying members of PETA were harmed in the making of this post……but they should have been.

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