I’m a loser

So far I have lost 15 pounds! I dipped below 180 for the first time in ….well…..since I was a teenager. I gained a lot of weight when I was married to my ex. A lot of it was depression weight since I had the supreme lack of will to do anything. My blubber Zenith hit 195lb and that is when I told myself that this is it. I simply cannot continue to live this way.

So I told you about joining the Krav Maga gym as a way to help my son with his karate. A side goal was for me to lose weight. The problem I was having is that I talked a good game. “Oh yeah, I’ll do this, that, and the other thing and presto” I would say to my wife. Then I would promptly watch a movie and forget about the whole thing.

I even joined the company gym and was a regular for like……a whole week! Come to find out that like most people the goal of losing weight to reach x pounds is just to elusive. You might be in the same boat on this but have you told yourself “I’ll lose 20 pounds” and there is no real connection to that goal. Like its just a number and there is no emotional retainer to it?

Well, I am doing Krav Maga as a way to goal set and put some weight (punny) behind it. See, have you ever started in something and wished that you weren’t the new guy? Wished that you were better at something? That is the way I feel with Krav Maga, I don’t want to be a yellow belt. I want to try for the higher belts. I want to become good at this!

So I have three methods of attack on this….by the way, see what I mean. Attaching my emotional wants to this has helped me bring this goal into my sphere of control. I am now making plans to reach this goal that I want badly….the goal is Green Belt in Krav Maga, and my weight is not the goal. The weight is simply the means to my goal.

Sorry, back to how I am going to get my Green Belt. First, attend Krav Maga class every chance I get. This ensures that I get my physical exercise and gives me the hands-on time I need to perfect my training.

Second, Losing weight through a proper diet. This plan will help me subtract negative compounds and chemicals in my nody. This allows my body function correctly as time goes on. Where love handles hindered my movement before, I hope to lose them in the future to free my range of motion.

Third, better fuel through proper diet [yes, two sub goals with one category of strategy]. See increase my consumption of the minerals and vitamins that I need helps my body function correctly. It also helps my development, like having all the right fuels for muscles development and making sure I don’t have excess’ [sugar] that can be burned before I have a chance to start burning fat. Fiber is another good example! Good fiber intake help my absorption of hydrating fluids. This is crucial to proper cooling during long work outs…..say for a certain three hour green belt test!?

So all of this is starting to work for me. I am losing weight I am now able to find stuff. Like being able to look down and see my…….uh…..feet. I’ve been working out but now I really need to bring my diet into check. To help with this I signed up for my calorie counter. Its a fantastic little tool that allows you to keep track of the foods you eat and their nutritional contents. Their database on foods is fairly robust and what I could not find on their site only took a single Google search to get the break down.

From here on out I’ll try to post a daily summary of the previous days intake. What I hope to do is to show how I lost my weight and maybe inspire a few readers to do the same.

OH! I also put a weight lose counter on the side of the blog. I don’t put a lot of stock into BMI but it is a widely accepted index. My target weight should be 140 (I say 160) and I started at 195. So keep track of that and my food summary and lets see where this thing goes. Green Belt I hope!

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