2008 Presidential Election

Blogging the Perestroika

I’ve got about 10 months until the presidential election and so I think I might embark on a little political blogging here. Oh, not that I haven’t already but the musing have been more of a surface level blogging. What I want to do is take every candidate and break down their platform. The purpose is to say why I am for it or against it. I hope by the end that my readers can not only understand my position on the issues but it will allow my readers to understand the candidates positions. It might help them make a educated choice, even if they are going to vote for the same person coming out of this as when they went in to this exercise.

I am going to address the candidates in this order. As there are more Republicans in the race I will start with them first then move to a Democrat…all in alphabetical order. So here is the list:

Giuliani, Rudy
Clinton, Billary
Huckabee, Mike
Edwards, John
McCain, John
Gravel, Mike
Paul, Ron
Kucinich, Dennis
Romney, Mitt
Obama, Barack
Thompson, Fred

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