The "Don" Giuliani – 12 Commitments: Commitment One

“The great challenge of our generation is to win the Terrorists’ War on Us. We need to stay on offense and address all the immediate threats we face. Our government and international institutions must transform themselves to fight the terrorists. To ensure our victory is permanent we need to work on changing the environment that allows terrorists to prosper. We will work closely with our allies to spread good government, global prosperity and defeat common enemies.” – Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Source: http://www.joinrudy2008.com/issues/view/3 as of 1/21/2008 at 10:25am

First off I disagree with his stance on terrorism.

So why put that quote up there? It underscores his nativity about terrorism and global interaction. Its a stance that just says” Wha wha! We got attacked out of the blue! Well we will show them”

Look. Any student of history can tell you the folly of our international policy for the last century. South America, East Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Asia Pacific, and a long list of small countries have all seen the United States Foreign policy destroy their right to run their own country.

Giuliana continues this ignorant foreign policy that assumes that the self titled only super power has the responsibility to police the world. Folks, thats imperialism with less carbs and frankly other nations are NOT going to receive us with open arms.

Something else that bothers the bejesus out of me is that he states we must change to fight terrorism. In this war of ideas that transcends national boundaries, Continental shelfs, and even into racial demographics….how do we as a nation change to fight an idea? I’ve seen first hand some of the changes we enact under the color of law. Profiling, Active surveillances of American citizen, Warrantless wire taping, That Bull Dog program that NSA has for reading e-mail, Suspension of Habeas Corpus, and just so many more programs that now seem to be the norm. All this to fight the idea of Terrorism.

Seems I remember hearing on the news that the terrorist were going to take away our civil liberties. Looks like we got played…we should have been looking over our shoulder and not at the Middle East.

Rudy wants to continue this:

Defeating al-Qaeda
Mayor Giuliani’s goal will be to kill or capture the al-Qaeda leadership, destroy the capabilities of the group, and discredit its radical ideology. The main fronts against Al Qaeda are in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Well….this is the one thing I can get behind Rudy on. Al-Qaeda should have had a Mark of reprisal. Osama Been Forgotten should have been locked away in our prison system to become the prison beotch. We should have dismantled Al Qaeda infrastructure, and discredited Al Qaeda. We did the exact opposite. They now have the global stage in the politics in every nation. We have done very little to catch OBL. Al Qaeda fights in the shadows while we still cling to traditional battle tactics. We have emboldened the radical ideology of Al Qaeda. We are creating our hell.

Defeating Hezbollah and Hamas
While al-Qaeda poses the most immediate threat, other Islamic terrorist groups are building the capability to harm us, our interests, and our allies. Hezbollah killed more Americans pre-9/11 than any other terrorist group. Hamas is a brutal terrorist group that murders the citizens of our ally Israel, and also has a significant role in the worldwide jihadist network of terrorists waging war on us. Both groups enjoy Iran and Syria’s backing, and these countries must be held accountable for this support – and for the support they give to other terrorist groups.

Bring a “Surge” to Afghanistan
Mayor Giuliani would double the amount of American-led combat troops in Afghanistan to help defeat al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists there and stabilize the region.

Well….in 1970 we watched the USSR invade and conquer Afghanistan. Under direction from a Texas Congressman, the CIA supplied arms and aid to Afghanistan resistance fighters. The debate is open if this was a wise idea but the fact remains that our former ally is now our enemy. Regardless, this sense that we have to do something is on the table. SO I’ll ask the question “Why should we” The Soviet Invasion was in response to the civil war of the pro-communist over throw of the Afhanistan kingdom. It was apparent that people wanted communism but only a few wanted their liberty. Yet we get involved and help them turn the tide of Communism. Then they decided on having a Theocracy, so now what? We have to sit there and bail them about again? What’s the point? Should we keep “helping” the Afies until they adopt a form of government that we like? At what point does the democratic process start? You know a free society is born when the idea of Civil Liberty is held above the state. Are the people of Afghanistan willing to rise above the state and claim their liberties. Are they willing to spill THEIR blood to fight the resurgence of the Theocratic state? Occupation is on the horizon.

Preventing WMD Attacks
America needs expanded security capabilities and credible deterrent threats to stop an attack on U.S. soil.

Yup, I agree. That is what the military is suppose to be here defending the borders of the United States. Where have our troops been deployed too? I doubt anyone of the men and woman that volunteer to defend our nation said “I can’t wait to work for the U.N” or “Golly, NATO is waaaaay better than the U.S. army”. Indeed, our troops need to do what our Constitution allows them to do…defense of our national border. Ground pounders go North to South. Squid lovers go East to West. Is that an easy military policy to understand?

Strengthening Domestic Tools
Mayor Giuliani supports important tools like the PATRIOT ACT and FISA, and will work together with Congress to improve our ability to stop terrorists at home – without compromising the rights of U.S. citizens.

Simply having the un-PATRIOT ACT on the books is an egregious violation of our civil rights. Or does he mean that after the PATRIOT ACT then he’ll start protecting our rights or is it before? Or when is it?

Change the environment
Prevent the Rise of Future Terrorists

Well, I have already made the statement that he doesn’t seem to understand WHY terrorism happens. He just happens to know where most of them [the terrorist] live. Well even him knowing where most of the live is debatable. How long have we know about the fundamentalist camps in Saudi Arabia that are support by the government there? It was one of the first things I heard about right after 9/11. Yet Rudy talks as if it was Iraq that attacked us.

So Rudy, if you like to read blogs. Take a second to read why people in the middle east started hating us. Its a real eye opener. At some point we are going to have a collectives forehead smacking moment and say “Doh!”

Reworking Foreign Aid
Mayor Giuliani will tie annual aid packages for Arab and Muslim states to performance-based benchmarks that encourage recipients to help us win the Terrorists’ War on Us and fighting radical Islam.

More “Do it our way”ism…still taking our foreign policy as a mandate to other nations. Look, we have problems here. We cannot afford our government, we cannot afford to save, we are in debt to the point where it looks like the government will lose all solvency and yet here we are giving money to nations that overtly and covertly take action against us.

You cannot physically fight radical Islam much like you cannot fight radical Christianity. Both groups are moon bat crazy. Both groups hate and recuit others to hate…We “won” over radical Christianity by taking the reason to hate away. We won the war of ideas. As long as we keep giving cause to the Radical Islamics then you just give them greater weapons of motivation.

Terrorist Propaganda
Mayor Giuliani would be more aggressive about combating illegal terrorist propaganda and would seek to cut off their funding and resources.

Did anyone catch that? Terrorist Propaganda comes from tapes they give to the Middle Eastern news. That news comes to us via the internet. Sure as hell not show on Fox news at 7pm. So I guess this “war” is going to bleed over to the internets and we have to have those regulated too?!?

By the way…..What is legal terrorist propaganda? How does one determine what is legal and illegal terrorist propaganda? And….does that standard apply to U.S propaganda?

Establish an International Center for Freedom from Terrorism
To increase cooperation between the United States and her allies, the Center will enable terrorism experts from each government to maintain constant contact, sharing information and plans with each other. Building a dedicated international institution will helpease the exchange of information, stop terrorist attacks, and ensure that our allies remain committed to helping us win the Terrorists’ War on Us.

……serious? That is the solution right there? If we create this I.C.F.T. then 1) our government departments will start talking to each other 2) Work with each other 3) Stop terrorist attacks 4) And guarantee our “allies” will remain committed to helping us “fight” terrorism.

Well….sign me up then! Sounds like a dream! Can we dismantle the Department of Homeland Security then? It was there to do the same thing and that has been an absolute disaster.

Rudy Giuliani “You cannot protect yourself so I’ll do it for you by making more government”, Vote for me. yaaaaaaay

Transform Institutions
Introduce a Comprehensive Approach to Fighting Terrorism

This has about as much thought put into it has a two year old has with play-dough before they start eating it.

Strengthen the U.S. Military
Mayor Giuliani will ensure that our military has all the forces, tools, skills, and technologies it needs to defeat the terrorists and address other future threats. He will add at least 10 new combat brigades to the Army and will expand our Navy to more than 300 ships. He will ensure that the Air Force has the new refueling tankers it needs, and will build a new long range bomber to replace the B-52.

*COUGH* PANDERING-TO-THE-MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL-COMPLEX */COUGH* Look, you want to strengthen the U.S. Military. Let them do their god given right and stand between us and the enemy on the soil of the United States. Should their blood spill it should be on U.S soil. Let them do their job and not nanny some other country. I can think of no greater strength than defending our country

Refocus Intelligence Community
Mayor Giuliani will revitalize and refocus the intelligence community to produce solid human intelligence on terrorist groups and activities.

Ok, So Giuliani is going to accuse the CIA of having ADD or something? Look here, the CIA warned of our involvement in Iran, South America, Central America, Afghanistan, Iraq, and countless other nations. And….they have been right. They also discredited the intelligence source for our current Iraq occupation. What will refocusing them, if they need to be refocused at all, if the executive refuses to listen to them?

Expand NATO
Mayor Giuliani will work with our NATO allies to expand the organization into a global security organization. The new NATO should dedicate itself to confronting significant threats to the international system, from territorial aggression to terrorism. Membership should be opened to any state that meets basic standards of good governance, military readiness, and global responsibility, regardless of its location.

Is he trying to make himself king for something? This sounds like a global military… When does the Imperialism stop and the conservatives in the GOP out this line of thinking?

Create a Stability and Reconstruction Expeditionary Corps
Mayor Giuliani will build a new hybrid military-civilian corps that will help stabilize failing states and prevent the emergence of new terrorist safe-havens.

Staatspolizei, YIPPIE! I’ve always wanted to have my front door kicked in. Nothing says Loving Government then a shit load of more control.

For all my ranting and raving I have got to say….do we need to be protected? What happened to the very basic things our government is suppose to do but are not? Border protection? If 9/11 wasn’t a wake up call that we need to return to basics than I don’t know what is. I can’t see endorsing MORE military and MORE government growth as the solution if already the current government cannot executed as sworn when taking office almost eight years ago.

Having us attack foreign lands all in the name of defense of our nation is taking away from the glaring problem that we have if NOT protecting our nation here and now. Having us look away and not look in the mirror is just more of the same politiks we have been subjected to.

One last note before we move on to the next plank in Giuliani’s manefesto, I do not want to galvanize the world governments into one. I like my once-a-former-Republic governments hands down to what some world governing body could come up with.

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