Hemorrhaging money

I buy clothes…..maybe once every time I have a child. I mean I seriously put on a total monk line of attitude when it comes to buying clothes. Its usually along the tone of “Hey you don’t have to be embarrassed when you see me naked so stop comparing my shirt to your Egyptian cotton polo”.

Am I right? As long as my clothes are washed and I don’t pull a two-dayer on my favorite shirt them what’s the beef? Anywho, I figured that its about time I took a little more interest in what I wear and what it looks like to other people….like I am some piece of flippen art….*FOOHEY*

Wife and I went out to Ross “Livin’ the thug life”, Dress for less. What the hell is up with their mens section. Every shirt, every jean, pant, and shoes are totally geared to “tricking” yourself out. Then you have the nice dress shirts. There is absolutely no middle ground. Where is the single colored polo I am used to? Where is the Nice Izod shirts that last for so long? What happened to Ocean Pacific Brand I tell you?!?!

Well I ended up blowing $50 on a pair of shoes and a shirt. No wonder people cannot afford health insurance! You’ll blow your Xanax budget if you buy a pair of socks!

Today we ended up at Ross, Academy, and after a stop at a taqueria we ended up at Wal-Mart of all places. Yes, Wal-Mart! land of the free “To go deer huntin” T-shirts and home of the brave……enough to be 300 pounds and wear spandex. God bless them! Nothing says America like shopping at a mega retailer buying cheaply made Chinese goods in your “My pretty wife is at home” plastic mesh hat and skipping a shower for the third day straight. And if you pick up that Earnhardt Desk Lamp and listen real close you can still hear all the little Chinese children screaming.

Well when it was all said and done for we spent well over $200 dollars in our quest to obtain our title as “Consumer whores”. I think I am going to get my plaque bronzed and then maybe deep fried.

This is the Hill Country Blogger…..leaving the red light on for you. Night’all

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