This is b*ll$h^t

Is this shameless political pandering?

Seriously! I already know out political system was derailed when we congealed into a two party system. It basically isolated 60% of Americans from having their voices heard.

So now we have [approved?] political racism? Its not just Billary doing this. Obama too was seen surfing the crowd of purely black people. Which, hey its fine if thats your choice. If you want to be a racist then your free to do so. Just don’t expect me to vote for a president that openly supports racism. Even this Texas boy knows right from wrong and picking a shot like this is openly racist.

It basically tells me that you will openly select a group of people based solely on their skin color to promote a concept that she is a friend of blacks. This is also called reverse racism or to educated folks just plain racism. Its a little know fact that to judge a persons character based solely on their pedigree of that person is: race + ism = racism.

Doesn’t this bother anyone that she (and Obama) are trying to CONvince that all the sudden they are in tune with a racially selected group of Americans? Does it bother anyone that she, and politicians for years, has been pandering herself to a racially selected group of Americans while also doing everything she can to undermine their legitimate efforts to succeed in life by furthering an entitlement system that is predatory on blacks (which by the way is something that all people of every race engage in, just happens that black folks are the larger demographic)?

Does it bother anyone that she (and Obama) have not for years addressed the real issue facing most of the demographic of the group she (and Obama) selected based on the color of their skin? That she (and Obama) should know by now that this racially selected demographic that under siege not by other racially selected American but from its own demographic.

That predatory “illegal” drug laws, corrupt government schools, and a lack of leadership from all leaders about giving up the contemporary street life and becoming successful Americans are the cause of most issues to blacks? That she (and Obama) and others continue to escape the real causes of this racially selected group of Americans by blaming Republicans or bad government by not giving enough programs or more money to schooling or what not. That by removing the root cause of the issue that she is, in fact, forcing this racially selected group into a mental state of slavery.

Yes….. I am sick of how this racially selected group, and how all other racially selected groups, are treated here in America. Racism pisses me off and this picture set me off this morning and I haven’t even checked my g-d damn e-mail yet.

Mood: hacked off

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