Oh boy…..

You know for awhile now…actually for over a decade I have pondered the idea of becoming a fiction writer. Why haven’t I? Take a look at the pic [about Brittney Spears] to the left. How can I with stuff like this floating around! No one would read fiction when the non-fiction literature out there hands beats anything I could think up.

I mean how I could I even come close to her life? Getting divorced, flashing your coochie to the world, shaving your head, kicking an SUVs arse with an umbrella, drug rehab stints, skipping court, losing your children AND NOW she, as person with no morals and ethics, wants MORE kids and to convert to a very principled founded religon.

I just want to interject something here and maybe people will pick up on what I am talking about. Can we stop pissing of the Islamic world….like as of now. I think we need to do as much damage control as we can before Brittney becomes the next Celine Dion of America to the Islamic world.

Her life is pure blogger fodder.

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