El Rancho de Braco, Food, Hidden Valley

Long time comin’

Thank god! Its been raining the last couple of days and all the Cedar pollen is washed from the air…..for now. And I finally was able to sleep through the night. So win win.

I don’t know if I blogged about this in the past but one thing I love to do it order Chinese food on a rainy day. Nothing is more soul warming then a good rain shower and some Chow Mein. This time I thought I would try the local Hao Ling Kat Chinese place. YUM! That’s all I gots to say! Yummy yum yum…

Even my daughter scarfed it down and she is the one that has been a picky eater lately. The Mandarin chicken was gone in a baby gobble…she even tried to copy daddy by using the chop sticks. So of course they end up her nose and she has a piece of chicken hanging out of her mouth.

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