Happy Repeal Day

Remember, Remember the Fifth of December!

Three scores and fourteen years ago our fathers brought forth on these States United a renewed light, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the position that all men are carry rights not given to them but born from.

Engaged of thirteen years prior, in activities cast with a bastards tone, these States United conceived atrocities against free men in a freed nation in favor of morals not uncommon to the tyrant. Evoking plighted righteousness and distain for enlightenment, men that called themselves great and pious stood before the great halls across this nation and proclaimed their morals the virtuous standard.

Engaged in a great war, not of nations, but of ideas, spread to test this great nation. Not only our nation but every nation for all time. Setting the place in history where tyrants mandate their morals and not the rights of mankind. That all men should follow blindly the precept that governments are moral. And that free choice comes only second to those edicts stamp forth from the great halls of this nation.

Of this land, Man and woman, child and elder stood against this evil for reasons of profit, of ideas, of freedom, or to be opposite of the law. The reasons stand for themselves of judgment for proper and fitness. These men, these woman, these children and elders alike stood fast and hard against the faceless tyrants. They stood against the good men tricked into service with corrupt propaganda, stood against wicked men with respected authority, and stood against hallowed buildings holding men of abandoned faith. These patriots stood tall and found others with them and in greater number then thought. All of these patriots stood forth to protect this nation from its own elected plight….they forth stood and won!

Mark this day, the Day of December Fifth, as a fight unfinished but perpetually continued. All mankind will carry freedom through the cold annuals of history. Forgotten faces in time but struggles long remembered and lived with every breath of life. Remember this day for the life of the Republic, may it be long lived and forever loved.

Happy Repeal Day

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