Christian Lights

I did it! I decorated my first house with Christian lights! I normally don’t get into the Winter Equinox but I figure why be a scrooge and its not like I am doing anything pagan by hanging up lights! Its not like they put candles around their hut roof! So I figure that this is pretty Kosher.

Still not doing a Christmas tree but the wife and grandma are handling that so *I* am not doing it. I made my opinions known about it and they are opting to follow their own faith.

Anywho, I put up the lights! Yay me!

I also discovered that I have an even better view of the Hill Country than I first thought. When I was up on the roof I got a breath stealing view of the beautiful glory of god’s land, Texas. I am even more motivated now to get the house built (going to be a separate post).

And…I only electrocuted myself only once! Thank you very much!

1 thought on “Christian Lights”

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