Farking cool!

TOKYO – A new battery that can be recharged to 90 percent capacity in under five
minutes and lasts 10 years will start shipping in March, Toshiba Corp. announced
this week, hailing it as “a new energy solution” for cleaner transportation.

I really like the idea of free market innovation! Something like battery or hydrogen powered cars really get my mind business movin’. I would jump at the chance to buy a $500 battery that powers my truck for 10 years. Think about it, I pay $50 every six days on gas.

365 / 6 = 61 (rounding up) of $50 payments = $3,050 x 10 years = $30,500. YUP! Totally worth it if it is totally driven on battery.

I still need torque and I still need acceleration. Two things that the first line of Hybrids did not have and I have yet to see (I admit I have not looked) at the numbers for alternate fueled cars.

So to all the automobile researchers, I will buy your hippie car if you:

  1. Keep the hauling power at or close to what my truck has now
  2. Keep the acceleration at or close to what my truck has now
  3. Keep the car/truck in the $15k/$19k average mark (respectively)
  4. Keep the battery under what I would pay for gas during the life of the battery. And the cheaper you make the battery the better!

That’ll be all, you’re dismissed

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