Tin Man

I spent the last few days trying to write up my opinions on current events that I thought had some moral taint to them. Every time I sat down at the keyboard I would engage in a flurry of typing and deep thought. About seven seconds into each post I would stop…..and load up my demo of Call Of Duty 4 and waste some boogie men. So who is actually winning now? Sitting here blowing them away in a video game or the fact that I actually think about them and know more about them then I did before 9/11? Boogie men don’t win by might but on ideas, ask any Tyrant.

So back to the point of this post, Tin Man. For those of you that have cable or dish TV you would find it on the SciFi channel. It is basically a contemporary version of the Wizard of Oz.

It starts with a premise that there are two main dimensions, The other side (our side) and the Outer zone. The Outer Zone, or O.Z. (See how they did that…..brilliant I tell you!), is where all the gum drop kids and fairies lived before they got voted to congress.

The protagonist is D.G. ……yeah…come on. Which stands for ______? Come on you should be able to guess this! Go google the first Oz movie if you can’t figure it out.

The antagonist is an evil witch, WOW plot buster there! And Oz is in peril of this wicked witch.

D.G. Has to ….. follow the old road to go see the Wizard for answers. She is joined by Glitch ( a dude with half a brain), RAW ( a Half man-lion), and Cain, aka Tin Man, that has a bitter heart after his lost his family to the wicked witches Hench men.

This is totally new material right here! To hell with those writers on strike! There is new talent that is waiting to be discovered! Why just take a stroll down to the mail room and I bet you’ll find a budding writer. Go get’em kid!

Well you can figure out the movie plays out mostly. But all sarcasm aside I did enjoy the movie a lot. They did do a good job with the content of the show and only a few bits of references did get cheesy but on the whole it was fun.

And being a guy, my favorite part was the wicked witch. Cause she is all evil and all its hard to like her but holy flipping Keebler elves is she hot.

In the show she has this ability to release her flying monkeys from tattoos on her chest. Which happens frequently!

The gratuities shots of her chest make up for all the cheesy crap in the movie. ALL OF THE CHEESY CRAP…. yeah I am a sucker for the ladies. Its my curse…..DAMN THE FLYING MONKEYS! DAMN THEM TO HELL!

It is a three part series on the aforementioned SciFi channel. Check your local listings and keep an eye out for those flying monkeys.

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