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I haven’t been sleeping well and I can really feel it when I am at work. Most of my restless sleep comes from the stress at work. I have a lot on my plate and not a lot of time to do it in. I really shouldn’t be doing this kind of work for the peanuts I make but the experience and exposure to what I am doing to priceless.

I did a recent survey of people in my field and I found that the median salary is well past $70k a year. I’m not even close….I’ve been stressing that to my manager but it seems like we are waiting for the planets to align before H.R. and finance get around to reviewing my demands. But its because they know they got my twig and berries in their palms. So that is stressing….plus we are having a hard time with the bills!

I had it all planned out with the money and the bills thing. We could have had everything paid off (minus the house and the student loans) by this time next year. But plans being plans, did not execute and now I am stressing over bills.

When I get home I tend to drink a little….to get the day off me….and then I keep drinking cause the day won’t freaking leave. By the time I know it the day and I are sitting on the front porch telling each other how much we love each other as a brother and singing bar songs. So of course all this drinking and getting drunk is not letting me sleep well either. Which then makes me stress about not sleeping enough.

F…………… I need a vacation

2 thoughts on “Stressing”

  1. Dude, run before you burn out. Seriously. Take a week off after whatever it is you have going on, hang out at the ranch and watch the clouds roll in over the back valley. Oh and coming from an alkie.. lay off the booze if you’re on the porch cuddling with it, you drink the booze and cuddle the wife get it right!


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