I’ll start with two things; first I wanted to sit here and write a full detailed post about my feelings about 9/11. Alas, work is paramount and it just doesn’t permit this. Second, I do NOT believe the governments’ (executive branch mostly) story about this event.

Does this make me a conspiracy theorist….whatever. I get so disgusted when someone says it and now I have to bring that up before I even talk about 9/11. Dogma rules the seneca….

No….what this makes me is an analyst, a critical thinker, a questioner, a thinker, an open thinker, a deep thinker, and a patriot. You should never trust your government for when you do, you’ve become the enslaved.

So what is the point about posting this… well six years ago, today, thousands of people died right before my eyes. Images are still burned in my memory, sounds still ringing in my ears.

I know they’ll never get a fair investigation and their memory will be used as a political tool for decades to come. I know that that day marked a day when religious extremism stuck such a blow, so deep, that we lost what it meant to be free and American.

That’s the day the Constitution of the United States became optional

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