Out with the old …

I was in H-E-B when, in a rare display of thoughtfulness, I started to look at all the coffee makers. My wifey has been talking about how badly our coffee maker sucks. We have three coffee drinkers in the house (me, wife, and my mother) and the little four “cup” coffee maker is just not up to par….double bogey really.

ok, so I am looking at the coffee makers and I see this super wiz bang coffee maker. It does delay brew, light or strong brew settings, plate warmer settings, a brew timer that lets you know how fresh a brew is, self cleaning, and hand jobs (the attachment comes in the mail when I send in the rebate), all for $25!

Normally the coffee maker is $50 but it is marked half off. The clerk said something about purging inventory…

The family is super happy with my find. Wifey can have the coffee brewed before its time to go and she doesn’t have to take time out of her morning schedule anymore for coffee prep. Mother likes it cause it looks slick and now she doesn’t have to start another pot of coffee after we leave. And I am spending a lot of time with the coffee maker when everyone has gone to bed.
Love this new coffee maker!

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