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Opinion on Blades of Glory

This story of two antagonistic competitors that allow themselves to cause such rift in the figure skating community that they become banned from the sport. The story follows their casting out and subsequent journey to return to their beloved sport through a series if “hard times” team work.

Jon Heder plays his famious social awkward charater again. Much in the line of Napoleon Dynamite, Bench Warmers, and probably countless other movies (Minus the second half of School for Scoundrels). Unusually feminine in this movie, Jon plays an overly metro-sexual figure skater breed for combat…in the ice figure skating sense. He can probably make a mean tiramisu!

Will Ferrell plays…well ….. Will Ferrell, like he always does. But that is what we like and keep coming back for. Even when he puts out crap like “Kicking and Screaming”. We just kind of ignore it and wait for his next movie. Well waiting is to strong of a word, more like made aware of and then see it when you have some free time or HBO feels like showing something other than indy documentaries.

Overall the movie was out right silly fun. The movie NEVER took itself seriously from the second scene on to the end. Filled with innuendos, asinine behavior, and lines that only Will Ferrell could say with a straight face…”Hey. They laughed at Louis Armstrong when he said he was gonna go to the moon. Now he’s up there, laughing at them”.

I would recommend seeing this movie. It is not a drama or actions flick. Don’t expect Anthony Hopkins material. This is just totally silliness and it was a nice break from life.

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