Weekend Recap

Weekend recap 9/4/2007


Picked up the kids from school (one private and the other public, thanks to his mother!) and high-tailed it back to the ranch. Nothing I hate worse is getting into traffic with the subjects from A-town, Austin Minor, or G-spot (aka Georgetown). Nothing against you guys but you drive moonbat crazy (word shamelessly stolen from Lawdog).

I kid you not! Spend five minutes in A-Town traffic and the following WILL occure

  1. No LESS than five times you will be cut off
  2. A minimum of one person WILL use their blinker but only then as they travel down the speed lane at 55 for the next 15 miles.
  3. Two people will rocket themselves from the left hand fast lane to the far right hand exit ramp, barely missing the barrier and depriving you of a show.
  4. The speed limit will be 60, you and traffic will be at 80, and some A-hole in A-town will come up on you at 120 and live on your bumper for six seconds, move around you to give you the bird, then move to the person in front of you, or course you are slamming on your breaks when he does this.
  5. You’ll see one college student talking on the cell phone, smoking a cigarette (or something else), talking to their friend in the passenger seat, and head banging to music, sometimes applying make-up……the females too!

Wanna know why I moved to the country? (See above)


UT 21 ASU 13

nuff said!


Wifey and I went for a second visit to this new church the wifey found. It has a distasteful taint of Evangelism but for the most part it is a nice church. I am not to found of the attempt at Rock N Roll… We’ll see if we stick with this church. Takes a while to see if it as House of Religion or a House of Faith.

I also honored the good lord with a little fishing out in his country. What can I say….Texas has a little bit of everything. You want flat lands, head east. Want lakes, head central. Want hills, head West. Want Desert, head waaay West. You get the idea.

Anywho! Got me three sun fish! My son was all over the place with this. He has never seen anyone catch a fish before and this was a totally new experience for him. To bad he drove me and my buddy Eric insane. In a total of five casts he managed to lose his hook, weight, and bobber five times. We had to put him in observation mode but hopefully he learned.

I think I need to let him practice casting back at the ranch. When he gets the hang of it we can try again.


I spent the day light clearing the ranch of my weed trees (Cedar). For you granola pounders, keep in mind that Cedar is not native to Texas, turns my soil acidic, and sucks the water out of my water table. The result is a dead forest of Cedar that not only kills each other off but prohibits anything from growing. Need to rekon’ that the ground is basically course powder around a Cedar tree…not good when you live on a hill and rain comes to wash your top soil off.

The Cedars are getting tree-o-cide but you bunny thumpers can take heart that all the live oak saplings are taking off now that the Cedars are being cut down! So see, bad trees go away and good trees grown strong so you can molest them later.

OH! I am also preparing to transplant one of the adolescent Live Oaks to a nice spot in my front yard. In a few years (decades) it will provide some nice shade, look hansom, and provide some nice roots for my ecology.

During the evening we rented Apocalypto and (Watched) Blades of Glory. A few scribblings on Blades of Glory, despite the full on gay innuendos it was funny. In fact I think that made it funnier. Seeing hard core Mormon Jon Heder put into a seriously feminine role was amusing and Will Ferrell just totally exploited it.

Also educated my son on the finer arts of BBQ several times this weekend. Along with teaching him to flame cook hamburgers when the wifey wants you to double time it with dinner, all while keeping it from becoming blacknd’.

And I am hoping to watch Apocalypto tonight.

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