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Opinion on Apocalypto

The story is centered in Mesoamerica and takes place at the Apex of the Mayan decline. The opening quote of the movie, “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it is destroyed from within” – William Durrant, sets the time line from which the movie starts.

The film follows Jaguar Paw, Son of Flint Sky, in his journey during this period and the challenges of that time. It’s really hard to talk about some of the elements of the film with out giving away what happens. But be assured it has National Geographic nudity, blood, gore, violence, and plenty of subtitles.

Overall the movie felt slow….much like “Passion of the Christ”, Another Mel Gibson film. The film is filed with detail to accuracy Mel Gibson is know for, and sometimes accused of going over board. However, the philosophy is interesting and the commitment to it for people during that time is amazing to watch. It is a rare glimpse into history that you get by watching HBO’s: Rome.

I would recommend that you rent it….its worth it. Its not Braveheart or anything but its a good movie.

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