F.E.A.R. Update

Well this computer game is pretty damn creepy. It even beats out DOOM when it first came out which used to be the standard in the creepy meter. Well until Alice and a few other games came out that pushed the envelope. But F.E.A.R. takes creepy to new lows.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for that little girl. I can handle all the ghost and the dude that walks up but something about that girl freaks me out. Not to mention when the lights go out, I am in a dark elevator and I flip on my flash light and there she is staring at me and then my flash light goes out too. I must have wasted 3 grenades and three clips of ammo, 100% of my armor, and 98% of my health.

However, now it is getting to the point where I am mad. I am mad at this little ghost girl scaring the crap out of me. And now…..now I am looking for her. I want to take her down. I am tired of her sneaking up on me and I want to pull this into a fire fight. I want to give her a taste of what percussion grenade feels like when it is shoved in your eye socket.

You know…..if you ever watched FireFly and in particular the one about the dude that survives a Reaver attack…..it makes sense now. Not that I am about to start running my nuclear reactor dirty or anything! Or randomly punching little girls in the eye, that’s just sick man. I have standards. I keep it focused on lawyers and politicians.

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