My new friend

As of late I have seem to have a new source of frustration.


You know….before I had my own house I never had a problem this bad. Which made me think that having a house on your credit history puts you in the same category as a drunk cheerleader at a frat party.

I was a cheerleader today

My frat boy, who I named Buddy, was trying GIVE me a Mercedes. A dream for any girl. But alas he wouldn’t take no for an answer. I was told that I was giving up on a once in a life time opportunity to have a prize of my own if I just did something for him.

Does anyone see where this is going? I mean the telemarketing part not the “your a pervert part”.

I finally had to end our relationship with a threat not to call my CELL PHONE and not call my house. The wifey put us on the National Do-not-call-list which fails to work but at least gives you legal ground to start sueing….if you have the time…..and the money……and are really bored which I think ties into the time thing.

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