Save the Cheerleader…

Tam found this posting somewhere on the interweb about a terrible automobile wreck.

Bailey Goodman was driving her friends to her parents’ vacation home when her SUV, which had just passed a car, swerved back into oncoming traffic, hit a tractor-trailer and burst into flames. Five days earlier, the five teenagers had graduated together from high school in Fairport, a Rochester suburb.

Goodman’s inexperience at the wheel; evidence she was driving above the speed limit at night on a winding, two-lane highway; and a succession of calls and text messages on her phone were cited Friday by Sheriff Phil Povero as possible factors in the June 28 crash in western New York.

“The records indicate her phone was in use,” Povero said. “We will never be able to clearly state that she was the one doing the text messaging. … We all certainly know that cell phones are a distraction and could be a contributing factor in this accident.”

Routine tests ruled out alcohol as a factor in the 10 p.m. crash, and police don’t suspect drug use was involved. Goodman had only a junior driver’s license, making it illegal for her to be driving after 9 p.m. without supervision or to be carrying so many young passengers.

No foul play, No drugs, No booz, and the drivers license did not jump out and prevent her from driving. Its just a case of simple acts of ignorance.

Sometimes your life amounts to a warning to others but its a shame she took four other beautiful young women with her. So parents if you could take some time out to share this article with your children and just let them know that traffic laws can be bent but the law of reason can have a lethal recourse.

Oh….L.O.’s if you could print this article out in color so people can see these once lovely faces. When you pull someone over for speeding or weaving or something, have them read this article. Let them know that what they are doing is the exact same behavior that ended the lives of five young women. Probably won’t help but you’ll go to heaven….

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